Reasons why race photos are expensive
Race is considered as one of the most expensive sports and has people who love not only to participate but also be spectators.

Race is considered as one of the most expensive sports and has people who love not only to participate but also be spectators. The willing participants get in every competition available to show case their talent and will expect a clear and beautiful photo to always remind them of each event. In as much as you will enjoy seeing yourself clearly in a group of thousands of people and be able to notice yourself from the group you may not be willing to buy that photo. They are costly but worth it because of how magnificent and have a clear caption of exactly how you were and what you were doing. These moments are worth seeing and remembering in future as they will bring you that sensational feeling of how much you tried. You will have a hard copy to remind you and others around you of how hard you know athletes try, in those marathons and even practice.

They charge high prices because the

They charge high prices because the company has to buy equipments that are expensive and have the technology they may require in taking those photos. Anything that is of good and high quality and require the use of technology might be a little costly even in the market out there. That is the expense you might not think of when you look at a high quality photo that seem to elaborate the exact moment that happened and even the coloring is exquisite. It may be an expense for the company that even clients enjoy, not to forget that the same equipments will require some maintenance which might also be costly. You can imagine what it can cost to buy a machine that can focus and take presentable photos of people who are in a group of thousands of people. Remember, they may be needed to take a photo of each person participating in the race, so they will take them simultaneously.

Reasons why race photos are expensive

Once you buy a photo from the company, you will have the right to duplicate the picture into as many copies as you would want. The rights to your photo are automatically moved to you since you will be owning it. This is smart as people do not buy those photo, the law of demand and supply might require you to add the price on your few items that manage to be bought. It happens so you can gain your revenue back and manage to still carry on with your business. There is a term and condition in the company that prohibits a person from downloading and making copies of their pictures, this is considered stealing. Buying the photo can actually be a good idea as it releases you from the pressure and gives you an opportunity to use your picture as you desire.

The employees and photographers should get a good salary for their extremely amazing work, and this expense is on the company. They deserve so because they wake up as early as the athletes during the warm up time and registration and then follow them to the ground as they get started with their competition. Usually they spend the entire day moving up and down, following the movement of every participant and not resting until the day is over. The payment should be worth it, at least to congratulate them for their work. These photos are worth the prices they have been put up for as the work behind them is worth the reward.