In several circumstances, people take pictures and may want to blur out the faces or backgrounds and, only focus on a single things.

In several circumstances, people take pictures and may want to blur out the faces or backgrounds and, only focus on a single things. This prevents unwanted surveillance and, tracking those in the photos. For example, in a scenario where there is violence or several people have been injured, there faces may be blurred out for privacy. This also prevents tracking of the people or the photographer who shot the pictures as this may be violation of rights to privacy. There are several ways in which you can blur out a face with your iPhone camera and, you can choose the method that best suits your preference.

You can use the portrait mode

You can use the portrait mode which is installed in the phone to blur out a face. This application uses the depth effect software which focuses on the object you are shooting and, blurs out the background as you shoot. You can modify the image to your taste that best suits your expectations. There is a settings option that enables you explore various sites such as the edit site and light management. Edit section has an option written f/number that increases or reduces the ability of blurring and focusing on an item. When you reduce the f/number, the background blurs whereas when the f/number is increased, the background becomes more focused. The stage light option turns the whole background black while the stage light mono option brings the back and white effect.

How To Blur Out A Face With An Iphone Camera

To achieve a blurred face on your iPhone, it is advisable to get closer to the object on focus to have a shallow depth of the field. Having a shallow depth of the field means only a small portion of the image is reflected and, aimed at for better focusing skills. With only a small portion to be focused on, the rest of the region will be blurred automatically. The closer the focus the shallower the depth you achieve and, the more perfect the shoot is. Ensure the correct part of the image is in focus or you can simply tap the screen where you want your focus to be and, a small box will appear to act as a guide as you take a shoot.

Framing your subject with a dreamy blurred vignette helps you achieve the blur effect on a face. In this case, only the edges of the screen are blurred and the center remains intact and clear. The blur on the edges help draw attention of the viewer to the central focused area of the image. Framing your image with a dreamy blurry vignette also adds a dreamy atmospheric quality to your photo. This helps you draw much attention as concentration will be on the clear part of the picture or screen.

Additionally, you can blur the background of a face in editing. Editing can be done by using an application which you can download and install in your phone. Go to settings and tap the shortcuts option which will lead you to more instructions with guidelines. Keenly follow the instructions given and, grant it permission for access to allow it run for the first time. Remember to save the changes made once you complete editing your photo.